Wednesday, 5 January 2011

So that was Christmas!

Just a couple of quickies following Christmas...

Elisabeth Beresford with Great Uncle Bulgaria
So sad to see that Elisabeth Beresford died on Christmas Eve. The Wombles creator was 84. Shame that it took so long for her books about the inhabitants of Wimbledon Common to come back into print (see my last blog). Still, at least she lived to see it.

Meanwhile, did you see the BBC's adaptation of Richmal Crompton's Just William? It was excellent. Daniel Roche (the hyperactive Ben in Outnumbered) was superb as William and writer Simon Nye did a wonderful job on the script.

I read a few of the William books as a child after my dad press ganged me into it (he's not much of a reader, my dad, but he had very fond memories of Just William). I always loved them.

Daniel Roche as William Brown and assorted Outlaws
It was great to see my own daughter, who is seven, falling about laughing at William's exploits. Just shows that some things are universal.

Let's hope they do some more episodes.